[chbot] OT: Solar PV panel configuration for fault detection.

Richard Jones richard.jones.1952 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 30 19:12:12 GMT 2013

I'm at the point of ordering a 14 panel Grid Tied Solar Photovoltaic system
using LG panels and EnaSolar inverter. The array will be mounted on steep
sloping high roof and so faulty panel detection could be an issue. The
standard practice is to wire up to 14 panels in series with bridging diodes
in the panels to bypass faulty or shaded panels. I don't want to run a
season or two with faulty panels. Its been suggested that bringing two
arrays of 7 panels back to the inverter would allow me to compare the
output from each string with a reasonably standard wiring configuration.
I'm beginning to see the benefit of the enphase microinverter solution.
Innovative suggestions anyone?

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