[chbot] OT: Solar PV panel configuration for fault detection.

Mark Atherton markaren1 at xtra.co.nz
Wed Oct 30 19:17:52 GMT 2013

You might want to talk to Peter Harris and Robin Gilks before you 
spend any money.

Email me offline if you don't have their phone numbers


At 08:12 a.m. 31/10/2013, you wrote:
>I'm at the point of ordering a 14 panel Grid Tied Solar Photovoltaic 
>system using LG panels and EnaSolar inverter. The array will be 
>mounted on steep sloping high roof and so faulty panel detection 
>could be an issue. The standard practice is to wire up to 14 panels 
>in series with bridging diodes in the panels to bypass faulty or 
>shaded panels. I don't want to run a season or two with faulty 
>panels. Its been suggested that bringing two arrays of 7 panels back 
>to the inverter would allow me to compare the output from each 
>string with a reasonably standard wiring configuration. I'm 
>beginning to see the benefit of the enphase microinverter solution. 
>Innovative suggestions anyone?
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