[chbot] OT....what should it cost?

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Tue Jan 25 06:27:14 GMT 2011

putting wires down walls is very tricky and hence they always quote on th ehigh side.

if modern brick vineer then easy to get down that wall but inside it is 
tricky as some times a dwang in th emidle means a hole in th ewall and a
 patch and paint to cover.

antique houses are better as some dont have middle dwangs.

some times it is possible to drill up from the bottom  and attach externally.

so acess to where  the wires can go is the big variable.

> Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2011 18:11:53 +1300
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> Subject: [chbot] OT....what should it cost?
> Hi Team,
> I'm trying to get a quote for wiring my house for multi room AV.
> I get a distinct feeling that what I'm getting is a "go away" price.
> The longest run is about 20m and I want to do component video over that 
> distance.
> What should a suitable coax cable cost per meter?
> If anyone is experienced in this area I'd really like a chance to chat 
> off the board about it.
> Thanks
> Carl.
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