[Templates] Template Tookit Vs HTML::Template

Rafiq Ismail (ADMIN) rafiq@joshua.dreamthought.com
Fri, 15 Nov 2002 13:05:54 +0000 (GMT)


I have to provide sound arguments as to why our prospective new system
shouldn't move away from TT2 and use HTML::Template instead.  We have a
strong HTML::Template proponent, who thinks is the dogs b@ll@x and is
worried that TT2 provides too much flexibility to desigers in terms of the
ability to destroy the system with huge loops and variable assignments, or
whatever.  He also argues that HTML::Template has more caching options and
is faster, due to it's being smaller.  I've got the bulk of our developers
using TT2 over the last couple of months and it is active on several
projects, however it's decision time for the way forward and I really
could use some arguments which others have used to get over this hurdle.

I'm competing against the nasal brown and have to win this one hands down.
Had to overcome the same sort of thing with Mason.  I'm quite satisfied
with TT2's flexibility and performance, however how does it compare under
the covers.  What are the management advantages?  Does anyone have sources
to point me towards, or experiences?