[onerng talk] FreeBSD

Paul Campbell paul at taniwha.com
Mon Apr 13 19:11:28 BST 2015

On Tue, 14 Apr 2015 03:27:17 sd wrote:
> I have a prototype OneRNG device and it works great under Linux. I'd like to
> use it on FreeBSD. I can send the same commands to the device in FreeBSD
> but I never get any data out. I'm probably missing something obvious.
> Has anyone got one of these devices to work under FreeBSD?

it doesn't echo when you type commands at it - the simplest test is:

- run minicom on the device
- type the collowing commands:
- cmdo (lowercase o)
- cmd0 (number 0)
- cmdO (uppercase O)

you should get a screen full of noise

using it is likely to be the same as a Mac - we'll need to come up with a good 
way to copy data from the device to /dev/random - it may be as simple as using 
cat, or we may need to create something that is smarter about how it moves 
data (some form of flow control)

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