[chbot] lost tablet and request for outdoor game beta testers

andrew dean nzandydean at gmail.com
Mon Sep 20 18:21:11 BST 2021

> As I was locking up after the meeting tonight, I discovered a "Spigen"
> tablet had been left on the front desk. After a bit of discussion with
> Henri, I decided to take it home. If the owner would like to contact me
> directly, we can arrange to get this back to where it belongs - and yes, I
> can guess who the owner is.
> Cheers
> Trevor

Awww, crap.  Yes, I’m rather spaced out with the back pain… and being naturally disposed to being spaced out.

Any chance you’ll be anywhere near columbo and st asaph’s?  Otherwise, email or txt me an address and I’ll come grab it.

nzandydean at gmail.com

Thanks heaps Trevor for picking up my tablet

Oh, and on a related “things I forgot to mention cause of the pain/mental deficiency”…

Are there any groups within the robotics club that would want to help beta test our outdoor game?  It is a couple hours commitment and i think its around 2k of walking around.  We go live on the 1st, so there isn’t a lot of time (our first few bookings of new games are often paid beta testers. hehe)

It will have some rough edges still as we finalize the puzzles, but if some club members want to pit themselves against each other, or you have your own group you’d like to test your mettle against, please holler and I’ll see if we can find a time that works.   (We are usually flat out running our existing games, but weekdays before noon are usually a good time… for the same reason that it isn’t normally a good time for anyone else. heh).  The weekend is generally booked solid, but some of the morning times are available.

Anyways, if you enjoy puzzles and have a flexible schedule, please holler about a test play and when would work for you and how many people you can have show up  (I’d love to test a larger group of like 5 teams of 2)


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