[chbot] Flashing LED

Robin Gilks gb7ipd at gmail.com
Wed Sep 22 06:29:18 BST 2021

The grass box full indicator light on my mower has packed up so now is a
great time to replace it with a flashing ultra-bright LED one that I'll
actually notice (I can't hear the beeper when I'm wearing ear defenders).

My first thought was a unijunction device but the 2n2646 is a t05 can so
won't fit in the original bulb holder assembly. Jaycar do a 2n6027 (which
is a quarter of the price) but most of the schematics I've found seem a bit
weird - like having the LED in the gate and relying on the timing capacitor
discharge current to light it. Is it actually a comparable device?

Robin Gilks
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