[chbot] [OT] SSD for a Pi 400.

Volker Kuhlmann list57 at top.geek.nz
Sun Jan 24 01:16:11 GMT 2021

> Just be aware that some USB adaptors will not mass-storage boot on
> the Pi4..  Pretty much anything works on the Pi3 from my messing
> around over the last couple of years.

Could you say which Startech adapters you tested? Or do you think
they're all the same wrt booting and throughput?

Would you mind checking whether those adapters are SMART compatible? Run
smartctl -a /dev/... and if you get full output as on a desktop
computer, the anwser is yes.

The "Transcend ESD230C 240GB USB" doesn't seem a bad deal at $70,
Kingston A400 120GB $40 + Startech adapter $30 so same price for half
the volume.

Could the person with the Transcend on RPi please check the SMART status
as per above and post whether it gives SMART output or and error/drivel?

Traditionally, RPi bandwidth was shared between internal (micro)SD card
(internally USB connected), Ethernet interface (internally USB
connected), and all USB2.0 ports on the board (aka PPP - piss poor
performance), so connecting external storage was basically pointless.
Which RPis actually bust that limit?


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