[chbot] UNI-T UT390B Laser Range Finder Distance Meter

Robin Gilks robin at gilks.org
Thu Jul 10 08:17:26 BST 2014

> Hm, it looks like the laser and sensor are inside the pretty sizeable
> rotating part... is that a good idea? How does it electrically connect
> to the fixed parts? Does anyone know how these perform in terms of wear
> and lifetime expectations? Why not use a rotating mirror instead? Would
> that not be a lot less complicated, and smaller and lighter, too? Or
> does that not work well for 360-degree scanning? Not that I know much
> about these things - I am just intrigued.

Thats what I'm planning to do - I already have bought a broken projector
on TradeMe to get a source of prisms, lenses and mirrors.

Next will be servo, bearings, housing and few other things as I think of

> And for drool factor, check out this range
> http://www.sick.com/group/EN/home/products/product_portfolio/laser_measurement_systems/Pages/indoor_laser_measurement_technology.aspx
> - for pricing on these, I would guess just add another zero at the end
> of the RPLIDAR...
> Kind regards,
> Helmut.
> On 10/07/2014 3:50 p.m., hamster wrote:
>> I saw this Laser Rangefinder on Seeed yesterday
>> http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/RPLIDAR-360-degree-Laser-Scanner-Development-Kit-p-1823.html
>> Most probably only useful indoors, and very pricy too, but has a very
>> high drool-factor.
> [...]

Robin Gilks

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