[chbot] Does ChCh Robotics need more www presence?

Rex Teague chchrobotics@lists.linuxnut.co.nz
Sat, 7 Jul 2007 22:53:53 +1200

Is there any potential in the site Andrew setup?

Email lists maybe old fashioned but I much prefer them to the more 
modern web based forums. I'm on several Google Groups, they have 
storage options as well as allowing attachments to be posted.

Yahoo Groups do well too but they have their management hiccoughs. 
Google is my preference, it can be setup with introductory material and 
has a good search facility!

My thoughts... Rex

On Saturday 07 July 2007 00:31, Carl Ranson wrote:
> Personally I'd love to see something like this happen.
> Mailing lists are pretty old fashioned and not being able to post
> images is a bit of a pain.
> It would be nice to have a page each to showcase our projects (yes,
> theres nothing to stop each of us from doing it ourselves)
> phpBB seems to be the de facto standard for discussion groups and
> there are even free hosting sites for it.
> example: http://nissanbluebird.8.forumer.com/index.php
> Google groups is totally free but I'm not convinced you could move
> off it if we go on there. Its probably trivial to get started though
> and does allow files to be posted.
> The biggest concern I'd have is that we should be able to moved to a
> different host or domain if the need arises.
> As for features, I'm less sure
> Threaded discussion board? essential
> File area? probably useful
> Project showcase area? useful
> Static page for group info? almost certainly
> Anything else?