[chbot] Workshop open house?

andrew dean nzandydean at gmail.com
Sun Mar 21 03:09:34 GMT 2021

Cheers, Andy.

The most urgent needs are:

For the laser: 3-6mm thick sheets of mdf, acrylic (3mm thick in clear or color is ideal… or thinner if such a thing exists) and ply, ideally with a nice grade on one side.  

Ideal sheet size is greater than 400x400mm and up to 900x600. (I can cut down if larger but won’t have a way to get it to school)

for the Plasma:  

200x200->600x600 sheets of between .5 and 3mm steel.  … or brass/copper but that’s crazy unlikely.

For the router:

15-50mm thick wood/nylon/plastic 400x400->1200x1200?  The school hasn’t done much with the router and I’m doing heaps of experimentation at the moment. One kid has modelled up a fender telecaster body in fusion and just finished cutting it (complete with , string holes, surface countours perfect cutouts for all the components and wire channels) out of a thick piece of pine “butcher board”.   I’ve been cutting stuff out of “boat board” from dotmar’s dumpster.  I love the stuff, but they don’t throw it out very often.

That’s the stuff I know we use… There could be other awesome materials that I just haven’t been able to find as scrap to test with.

Thanks guys!

> On Mar 21, 2021, at 1:39 PM, Andy Gardner <ceo at andygardner.com> wrote:
> That sounds fabulous, Andrew.
> A club visit would be superb.
> If you can come up with a list of the materials the school could use the most (type, size, thickness), I'll see what I can scrounge up for you.

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