[chbot] Recommendations for fibre in CHCH

Volker Kuhlmann list57 at top.geek.nz
Thu Mar 4 21:44:36 GMT 2021

I've been thinking about dropping copper too, but coax cable has been
very good. Vodaplonk as ISP leaves a few things to be desired though.
Because I've been a cable customer for so long, prices are very low.

What the door knockers are invariably clueless about:

Does the cost include a static IP?

Does their fibre modem put the external IP address on *my* router?
I'm having my own, not their consumer shite, thanks.

What happens in a power loss situation? Which of the supply side remains
Copper of course has a brilliant advantage: UPS supplied by the post
office with high urgency. With VoIP, the IP goes down first, and the ISP
doesn't need to give a hoot about a subset of customers.

How about a fax line?
It's still private, email is not, especially with those jokers (lawyers
included) who only have google...

Plus VoIP creates a significant LAN security risk with a bunch of
black-box devices of questionable firmware quality being reachable from
the Internet connected to the LAN. One should just about run a second

Any recommendation or experience with ISPs providing the above at a
reasonable cost? My impression so far is that it's available but only
for ludicrous prices, hence coax cable remaining the best option.
And the government is waffling about fibre bla bla.


Volker Kuhlmann
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