[chbot] [OT] SSD for a Pi 400.

Volker Kuhlmann list57 at top.geek.nz
Mon Jan 25 04:13:20 GMT 2021

On Sun 24 Jan 2021 17:24:00 NZDT +1300, Michael Field wrote:

> Smartclt did not auto detect USB bridge type. Had to set SMART device type to
> 'scsi' with the - d switch. 
> Now says SMART support is available and enabled.

Thanks! For me, anything that doesn't support SMART is best left in the
shop. One just needs to be able to tell what state the disks are in.

The screen photo you sent me looks good at the top in the info section,
but has no output in the attributes/data section. Like reporting disk
temperature as 0 is implausible, and there's nothing else. Is there an
SSD disk that does not have a temperature sensor? I thought it'd be
required for lifetime health management.

I'm unsure whether the Transcend SSD disk has a bare-basic SMART
implementation or whether the USB bridge is blocking some of the SMART
data to get across. One could only tell by removing the USB bridge from
the equation.

Thanks Richard too! But the interesting question is whether there's
useful stuff in the attributes and data sections, that'll tell the disk
status. The info section just shows the disk model etc.

Why can't the raspberries just put a SATA connector on, instead of this
USB lafaffel??


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