[chbot] Polishing 'Sistema' box lid

Volker Kuhlmann list57 at top.geek.nz
Thu Jan 21 21:12:58 GMT 2021

> https://www.thewarehouse.co.nz/p/sistema-klip-it-plus-square-3-pack-assorted-1.15l/R2684275.html

Ah yes, their new Klip It Plus range off boxes. They're a major PITA
compared with the previous Klip It range:

  Much more rounded corners, difficult to fit square things in

  Outside dimensions are much larger for less usable inside volume
  (The new 180mL box takes up much more space than the equivalent old
  200mL box)

  Frosted sides or bottom - useless for displays

  A big annoying "Sistema" lettering and indents and edges in the lid
  plane. The old ones were plain, plane, and clear.
  They don't stack with the old ones.

Only the new seals look like they're more reliable. Whether they're
always usable is another matter, because the seal space in the lid
displaces content if the box is filled up to the edge. Makes a big mess
if it was soup!

Verdict: Shit design.

Did they use their lockdown time to re-design their product range and
place it into a better market position (or whatever the marketroidal
claptrap is)? Sistema fail, so to speak. Are they even still a Kiwi

An alternative might be to buy cheap stuff from the Warehouse, or
expensive stuff from Spotlight, or mailorder from China. Saves the time
wasted on removing lid imprints or doing uhmm whatever on frosted sides.


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