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On Thu 22 Oct 2020 08:57:56 NZDT +1300, Russell & Heather Phillips wrote:


That sounds all very interesting. Sorry I missed the talk.

Would you be able to give some dimensions of details that can be
achieved with this method?

It looks very similar to what we did in the
1980s at home, although without machinery like lathes. We dropped
iron(III)chloride for etching in favour of sodiumhydroxide (I think, not
totally sure any more now). It's also possible we added a little
hydrochloric acid. It was less of a mess than ironchloride and perhaps a
little safer.

Recently I heard some artists warn that etching metal with those kind of
chemicals does eventually erode your teeth. That might be plausible when
breathing the vapours and having a dry mouth, so ventilation and
drinking (not the etching solution) might be wise.


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