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A word of caution regarding that reference: the use case here, I believe, was about items that
have just been produced and do or do not meet the factory's specification limits, i.e., items
that fail a production test.

However, that reference below is about product reliability, where the scenario is that a number
of units are operating, and that there will be age-related failures within that operational
asset base over time. In both cases statistical methods are used, but for different reasons, and
the mathematics are not the same.

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On 18/10/2020 21:04, Bevin Brett wrote:
> https://www.weibull.com/pubs/2015_RAMS_right_sample_size.pdf
> <https://www.weibull.com/pubs/2015_RAMS_right_sample_size.pdf> seems to be in the right ballpark
> /Bevin
> 2015 Reliability and Maintainability Symposium
> <https://www.weibull.com/pubs/2015_RAMS_right_sample_size.pdf>
> Athanasios Gerokostopoulos is a Reliability Engineer at ReliaSoft Corporation. He is involved in
> the development of ReliaSoft’s software products and the delivery of training seminars and
> consulting projects in the field of Reliability and Quality
> www.weibull.com
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