[chbot] Scrounging for big switch mode PSUs

Robin Gilks robin at gilks.org
Thu Mar 7 23:12:49 GMT 2019

> Hi All
> As part of my domestic grid tied battery system I need an isolated DC
> power
> supply capable of producing 2.5kW at between 120V & 300V  The voltage does
> not need to be adjustable.
> My plan is to purchase 3 x 1000W 48V caged units and series them to yield
> 3kW @ 144V however I thought I'd see what folks have gathering dust before
> I place the order. There a many configurations that would do the trick 2
> or
> 3 x 76V or 96V or even a stack of meaty 24V units.
> If you have a suitable combination you would like to dump, sell or swap
> for
> beer please let me know.
>   Peter

A few questions to clarify matters
 * is a 'caged unit' a battery, a generator or a mains power supply
 * is the source of power for the isolated PSU to be mains or something
else like solar panels
 * can you use something like a cheap modifed square-wave inverter and tap
into the 1st stage inverter(s) before the H-bridge and drive it from a
cheap welder (both of which would provide isolation).

Robin Gilks

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