[chbot] Chchrobotics Digest, Vol 141, Issue 4

ceo at andygardner.com ceo at andygardner.com
Thu Jun 27 12:40:47 BST 2019

Many LED headsets have selectable intensity. Push once for full on, again for slightly dimmed, etc.

$10 says the ones they have are using PWM for intensity adjustments.

The battery pack/controller is usually mounted on the rear of the headband, with the on/dim/off switch at the front near the LED cluster. Quite likely there's a bit of wiring somewhere acting as an antenna.

If they do need ones with intensity control they should shop around for some that simply reduce the # of LED's being lit up. It'd probably be a mission to find a suitable unit.

The other option would be to build them from parts, and use 18650 cells with proper battery management and a USB charge port for convenience.

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