[chbot] Importing laser modules..

Volker Kuhlmann list57 at top.geek.nz
Mon Dec 9 02:59:11 GMT 2019

As a laser pointer, you will not get it through customs officially.
Whether they pick it up is another matter, especially if it's
misleadingly declared.

From memory, you need an import license, and for resale a sales license.
As part of the sales license you're only allowed to sell to bona-fide
users, who must show e.g. a letter from their astronomical society that
they're a) a member, b) responsible. You can't sell to Joe Bloggs.

> Emphasise that the product is for an industrial application, and is
> not a laser pointer.

That part is absolutely critical, if they decide it's a laser pointer
you're sunk.

Asking is best. Let us know...


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