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Wed Apr 17 02:30:04 BST 2019

I am also using the ENC28J60 for my compass. And indeed, the Arduino has to
do all of the work to implement the TCP/IP stack as there are no smarts in
the chip. Thus there is not much room left over for your program.

The official Arduino Ethernet shield does not use the ENC28J60. It uses the
Wiznet W5100, which is basically "TCP/IP on a chip", so the Arduino doesn't
have to do so much work and you get to use most of the Arduino's memory for
your own stuff.

There are two popular libraries for the ENC28J60: UIPEthernet and
Ethercard. The first one is a drop-in library compatible with the original
Arduino Ethernet library which implements the same functions but drives the
ENC28J60 chip.  The second one has its own set of function calls that are
different to the original Arduino library.

Neither of these libraries are compatible with the original Arduino Wiznet
shield (because the hardware is different).

There is also a Wiznet W5500 which is moar better for various reasons.

I haven't decided what to do yet. I am steering towards the ENC28J60
(because it's cheap!) and Ethercard (because I think it supports UDP
multicast, which I think I'm going to need). I currently have some code
that uses UIPEthernet and mostly works, so there's that.


On Wed, Apr 17, 2019, 12:33 andrew dean <nzandydean at gmail.com> wrote:

> I missed the meeting, so i’m not sure what the presented use for the
> nano/ethernet was, but I use and have a lot of nanos with enc28j60.  They
> do not include a tcp/ip stack so they take a lot more work from the
> microcontroller.  I’ve only been using them as simple http servers to tell
> a computer when props were finished and to tell the prop to reset, but when
> I recently tried to migrate over to mqtt, the nano+enc28j60 combination
> seems to be too much to ask.
> -a
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