[chbot] Meeting notes : Robotics Group meeting, Monday 15 April 2019, 630pm, 5 Idris Road

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Soldering station STM32 for T12 tips. Latest HW is 2.1S, but that might
depend on the manufacturer too. Versions like STC are older? Main
suppliers/brands on Aliexpress are KSGER, Quicko.
Search for e.g.   soldering stm32 t12 2.1s

Ultrasonic cleaner
Or their next model larger JP-020S
There's a table towards the bottom that has a column "usable capacity",
which is important to check when deciding on size.

Peter, could you please post your arduino links? In particular, the nano
Ethernet one? If that by chance has an ENC28J60 chip, have you used it?
Form memory they were said to be a pain compared with W5100. Thanks.


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