[chbot] Deeply discharged

Robin Gilks robin at gilks.org
Fri Oct 13 05:30:40 BST 2017

> Gidday all,
>  Back from an epic adventure to find all systems down. My 4x Lead acid
> batteries at ~4V each!
> Does anyone have a good charger that may bring these back to life nicely?
> Even better, does anyone have a spare 24 or better 48V of NiCd or NiFe?
> Reality is hard, the Alps are amazing! What a beautiful country we live
> in!

Are they 6 or 12v batteries? If 12v then a trip to the scrap yard is in
order - very unlikely to be of any use. If 6v then a slow charge would be
better than a fast one. If they are flooded batteries, check the SG and
level to see if the values agree with the volts. Battery University is
your friend:

Robin Gilks

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