[chbot] 0603 resistors for sale.

Mike Field hamster at snap.net.nz
Sat Feb 18 03:57:28 GMT 2017

I seem to have far more 0603 resistors than I can use, as I can't bring 
my self to pay Element 14 $$$ for freight for the 5 of value X I need, 
so end up with 95 left over sitting in a box for when I next need them.

If you ever get caught short, drop me an email and I'll post you some if 
I have them.

I guess to cover costs I'm hoping to be Paypaled $0.03 each plus $2 for 
postage, and in lots of 25 for any given value (e.g I'll post 25x10k, 
25x100k and 25x2k0, and 25 x 1M0 for $5). If you rock up at SI 
Components they charge you 0.08c each, and you have to make time to get 


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