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jimmy allen jimmy1248 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 11:59:55 GMT 2016

Hello all

Did this discussion about changing the group name and updating the
website, end up going anywhere?

On 1/18/16, Geoff <sdfgeoff at gmail.com> wrote:
> Currently I run two linux servers, one is a VPS and the other is a
> raspberry pi. I hand-craft the pages, but have found several methods of
> doing so that allow CMS-like management (ie pages just contain per-page
> data, nor any headers/site-logos etc). For deployment I use git, so
> updating the website is as simple as a 'git push web' and as a bonus you
> get complete version history. So long as you don't have big binary files
> this works really nicely. It also makes migration easy, moving to a new
> server is creating a git repo and pushing the data there.
> In my experience, hosting a wiki or forum is a little much for a raspberry
> pi or a cheap VPS, but I do not think they would be useful for the group.
> If someone desparately wants a wiki, I'd say make one on wikia and link to
> it. That means our server only has to deal with static pages and vastly
> reduces the management required.
> I'd be happy to help develop and maintain a website.
> Geoffrey
> On Mon, Jan 18, 2016 at 9:19 AM, Volker Kuhlmann <list0570 at paradise.net.nz>
> wrote:
>> Yes a better website may be useful, but I observe that there is little
>> interest in making in happen. From a maintenance and collaboration point
>> of view a CMS/wiki would be the way to go. We had one once, very few
>> people put any content into it.
>> Finding a free server is easy, someone offered a while back to donate an
>> RPi. Hey I'll buy one myself. I offered to run it and set it up, but
>> when I asked who is interested in me doing that and who else would help
>> looking after it there was no response. Hence my conclusion of no
>> interest.
>> Stability could be achieved by ensuring portability of CMS/wiki data.
>> The actual software, i.e. particular wiki, can't be changed, but its
>> database should be movable to a new server should the need arise. One
>> requirement of setting this up would be to ensure that database backups
>> are taken and can be implanted into a new software installation on a
>> different server. Who has experience with this?
>> All the tools we ever need are available as FOSS so I took that as a
>> given. I won't spend my time on anything else.
>> Great if we have enthusiastic volunteers. What are the proposals to
>> address the issues mentioned? Perhaps start a new subject about web
>> site.
>> Volker
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