[chbot] 1 bit computing

Michael Field hamster at snap.net.nz
Mon Apr 21 00:11:02 BST 2014

Reminds me a bit of the MC14500 - http://tinymicros.com/wiki/MC14500B

///"The MC14500B Industrial Control Unit is a single bit processor with 
16 instructions, and a 4-bit wide instruction bus. It's basically meant 
to replace relay logic for controlling the sequencing of equipment. In 
spite of this, it is actually possible to do some math with it, although 
at 100Khz, it's somewhat slow."/

Datasheet is at http://tinymicros.com/mediawiki/images/6/65/MC14500B.pdf

On 21/04/2014 10:35 a.m., Mark Atherton wrote:
> http://laughtonelectronics.com/Arcana/One-bit%20computer/One-bit%20computer.html 
> now this is what I call clever
> -mark

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