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Chris Hellyar chris at trash.co.nz
Wed Dec 29 05:42:54 GMT 2010

Make that 15 nema 17 steppers......  Found some more. :-)

Cheers, Chris H
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On 29/12/2010, at 4:46 PM, Chris Hellyar <chris at trash.co.nz> wrote:

> My yearly clean out of junk, and this time I delved a little deeper in
> the shed...
> 1x Eprom programmer, requires ISA slot and DOS, seem to remember it
> worked on Win 98 as well, but not SE.  Does at least 2716 -> 27C512. 
> 1x UV Eprom eraser, designed for Psion Organiser datapacks, but works
> fine for eproms as well, stick em in the drawer for 30mins and you're
> done.
> 1x old analog multimeter.  Not even sure how I came by it. Seems to work
> fine, wasn't stored with a battery so no corrosion issues which are
> common with old meters...
> 6x Nema 17 Steppers and assorted cogs/belts in a box-o-junk.
> All per: http://logicalit.biz/forumimages/Clean/
> I'll hang on to this lot till rubbish day on Monday.  I'm out in Leeston
> for a pickup, or I can drop them into the Hornby / Center of the city on
> Friday.
> Dosn't have to go as a lot, but more than happy for someone to come
> along and take the lot. :-)
> Happy new year, xmas, easter, Hanaka, etc...
> Chris H.
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