[chbot] Free to a good home.. :-)

Chris Hellyar chris at trash.co.nz
Wed Dec 29 03:46:55 GMT 2010

My yearly clean out of junk, and this time I delved a little deeper in
the shed...

1x Eprom programmer, requires ISA slot and DOS, seem to remember it
worked on Win 98 as well, but not SE.  Does at least 2716 -> 27C512. 

1x UV Eprom eraser, designed for Psion Organiser datapacks, but works
fine for eproms as well, stick em in the drawer for 30mins and you're

1x old analog multimeter.  Not even sure how I came by it. Seems to work
fine, wasn't stored with a battery so no corrosion issues which are
common with old meters...

6x Nema 17 Steppers and assorted cogs/belts in a box-o-junk.

All per: http://logicalit.biz/forumimages/Clean/

I'll hang on to this lot till rubbish day on Monday.  I'm out in Leeston
for a pickup, or I can drop them into the Hornby / Center of the city on

Dosn't have to go as a lot, but more than happy for someone to come
along and take the lot. :-)

Happy new year, xmas, easter, Hanaka, etc...

Chris H.

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