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S-video has much less bandwidth than VGA/HDMI...  The highest resolution is
640x480.  Higher resolutions will be downsampled to that resolution making
your image blurry.  Before spending money on other cables make sure your
projector is capable of displaying higher resolutions...

2009/4/2 John Wynyard <robotics at sciencealive.co.nz>

>  Hi All
> This is off the general robotics topic but I'm looking for advice about
> connecting a projector to a computer via S-video.
> I have a JVC D-ILA projector that does not have a VGA input therefore we
> have to use S-video to connect it to a computer (HDMI = $$).  When I connect
> a computer (I've tried multiple units, laptops & pc) the projected image is
> blurry. The projector works wonderfully with DVD and other home theatre
> inputs.  So far  I've adjusted the focus, reduced the distance between the
> computer and projector and played around with graphics card settings and
> nothing improves the situation.
> I've run out of ideas so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> Cheers
>  John Wynyard
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