[OneRNG-Discuss] LED frequently going dark for various lengths of time

bsr tmp543901 at buckeye-express.com
Tue Jul 26 20:16:08 BST 2022


I'm having an issue with one of my OneRNG units.  For the past few 
months I have observed the LED occasionally going dark.  When I first 
started to notice it would be dark about 3-4 seconds but lately the 
duration is sometimes longer (10 seconds) and the frequency of 
occurrence has increased as well.  My issue seems very similar as 
described in a previous discussion, except Hans was using v1 hardware 
and mine is v3 -



pulling data via cat or dd from my device in question always seems to 
restart proper operation (LED dims then back on for a while as it should).

Is this likely a case of frequent strings of zeros shutting the device 
down?  I have witnessed this behavior feeding the pool via both 
available methods (I'm on an old kernel).  I was feeding the pool via 
the original method but have since switched to the new periodic writing 
to the pool.  It is rare to see it occur when feeding the pool by 
periodic writes but I have witnessed the device 'go down' once.  I 
haven't bothered checking the circuit with a scope yet.  Any thoughts?

Also, is there any feature to query search GNU mailman archives other 
than mirroring and searching locally?


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