Running two ONERNG simultaneously

Jim Cheetham jim at
Wed Jul 28 10:19:04 BST 2021

I'm interested to hear what you would like to achieve by doing this :-)

As Paul says, it's quite easy - you can add as many OneRNG devices to your
machine as you like, up to the limits of USB (127 devices max) and your
OS's ability to track ttyACM devices (I'm not sure what that driver's
limits are on Linux ... ttyUSB only supports 255 devices though)

(Obviously the more you want to attach the more you have to buy!)

There shouldn't be any correlation between the output of the devices - and
we would be quite concerned if you did find any, so please post
descriptions & results here if you do! Other people would be interested to
try to duplicate your experiments :-)

However, with two devices in the same physical location you'd be
experiencing very similar radio noise conditions. To counter that sort of
situation, we are randomly skipping frequencies, and only using the least
significant bits of the signals ... so hopefully if we've done a good job
there you still wouldn't get any correlation.

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