[onerng talk] OneRNG not working after reinstalling onerng_3.6-1_all.deb

Paul Campbell paul at taniwha.com
Mon Feb 18 01:01:08 GMT 2019

On Sunday, 17 February 2019 6:41:51 PM NZDT Mark wrote:
> I have been using OneRNG with Linux Mint 19.1 for some time. Today, after
> reinstalling Mint I plugged in my OneRNG which lit up as expected but I had
> forgotten to reinstall onerng_3.6-1_all.deb. After removing the OneRNG and
> installing onerng_3.6-1_all.deb, the LED on the device lights up briefly
> after I plug it in but then turns off. Running cat /dev/random (which would
> normally dim a light that it on) has no effect on the unilluminated LED.
> Can anyone suggest what might be wrong and what I should check, please.

Start by running /etc/onerng.sh manually (as root) 

	/etc/onerng.sh daemon ttyACM0

(change ttyACM0 to whatever the port your device was assigned when it was 
plugged in)

That usually gives some error message that is a clue - if it's not obvious 
feel free to post the output here or to me - note I'm off on a biz trip in a 
hour or so I will be travelling for a couple of weeks, email responses may be 
slow ....


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