OneRNG not working after reinstalling onerng_3.6-1_all.deb

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Fri Feb 22 01:05:21 GMT 2019

One of the difficulties in trying to figure out what might be wrong is that I can't find a clear description of the logic of what is being installed and what it does. I know I've received a very generous response to my query, but it is very piecemeal and leaves me mostly in the dark. I'm an experienced programmer but I'm not a kernel device writer or anything like that. When I read the replies I've received  about dmesg, udev, etc. I'm reminded of just how difficult it is for an expert in something to remember what it is like to be ignorant.

What I've managed to *guess* (without really having a clue whether this is correct) from the responses is ...When OneRNG is plugged into a USB port, the OS needs to recognize the kind of device it is. It does that by having a set of rules (in the case of OneRNG, rules in a file called 79-onerng.rules ). The rules need to be in a general system folder that is usually called 'udev'.When the device is recognized by the OS, the rules say that a shell script '' should be run to initiate a daemon that collects entropy from the device.When the device is removed, the rules also describe how the daemon is to be terminated.
Am I even vaguely on the right track?
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