alternate USB security model...

ianG iang at
Tue Mar 10 14:04:41 GMT 2015

It was a usual gloomy winter morning. My colleagues and I were drinking 
our morning coffee, sharing the news and there were no signs of trouble. 
But then a friend told about…

(a quote from a chat in Skype):

     I read an article about how a dude in the subway fished out a USB 
flash drive from the outer pocket of some guy’s bag. The USB drive had 
“128” written on it. He came home, inserted it into his laptop and burnt 
half of it down. He wrote “129” on the USB drive and now has it in the 
outer pocket of his bag…

Since I work in the company engaged in the development and manufacture 
of electronics, my colleagues and I are began to discuss options for 
creating a USB flash drive, that «would burn half a laptop down.»


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