[onerng talk] OneRNG for Windows

Paul Campbell paul at taniwha.com
Fri Apr 10 09:47:00 BST 2015

On Fri, 10 Apr 2015 20:34:21 AyrA wrote:
> OK, so I am able to compile a basic driver. Not that I have the slightest
> clue what to do from now on because I can't find a good example driver. All
> drivers seem to act upon events, but this driver (I assume) should
> constantly feed entropy into cng.sys.

probably it simply needs to kick off a (kernel) thread that would either stall 
waiting for data from the onerng, or in the call that supplies entropy to the 

> But before I continue:
> - Is there an actual demand for such a driver or would a service with TCP
> interface or named/anonymous pipes be enough? 

I think there is - I have been getting questions from people who want to use 
onerng with windows, without doing any actual coding .... I discouraged some 
people from joining the kickstarter who I felt would be disappointed

> - Can somebody offer a driver sign certificate? Cost is about 170 USD and up. 
> I have a code sign certificate already but this is not enough. 

I'll happily kick money in from the kickstarter to pay for this, we can talk 
off list about how to do that

> - Can somebody assist in C++
> development? In the end, drivers can corrupt your system and I do not want
> to mess it up, especially since I am not used to C and C++, only C#. 

here I'm not going to be much help, as I mentioned before the last windows 
drivers I wrote were for Win95 .... that world has changed a lot since then

> - License. What license to use? I would go for MIT or WTFPL.

if you write it it's up to you - as a rule I GPL my software (with exceptions) 
and LGPL my hardware - anything that means that people can see the source for 
what they're using in their system, and rebuild the same code and get the same 
result to verify the binaries is good


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