sd sd at
Tue Apr 14 20:32:16 BST 2015

Hi Paul,

FreeBSD does create a /dev/cuaU0. If I try to access it with minicom I get the message 'Cannot open /dev/cuaU0!' and the device disappears from /dev to be replaced with /dev/cuaU1. If I try to access /dev/cuaU1 with minicom that disappears, I get the 'Cannot open' message and /dev/cuaU0 reappears.

I tried multiple USB ports on the same machine and always got the same result.

Oddly 'stty -f /dev/cuaI0 raw' makes the device disappear for /dev and I get USB_ERR_TIMEOUT in dmesg.

It really looks like FreeBSD's kernel is messing up. If I get this to work I'll post how I did it.


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