Different form factor

Jim Cheetham jim at inode.co.nz
Wed Dec 17 08:18:35 GMT 2014

A question came in about having an OneRNG unit installed within the
case of a machine by the builder. Sounds like a slightly different
connector and perhaps orientation might help ...


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Subject: Re: Congrats on the OneRNG
To: Jim Cheetham <jim at inode.co.nz>

On 15/12/14 21:43, Jim Cheetham wrote:
> >
> >...  I'm certainly keen on having something to
> > put into all the linux systems I build... especially if I can get
> > one to plug into the motherboard usb pins.
> As far as an internal unit is concerned, the form factor that we're
> aiming for is not necessarily the best - there are probably a few other
> board layouts that would work better internally, but if you do look at a
> variant it would be best to pop over to the discussion list to say what
> you're intending, to make sure that any changes would keep the
> components sufficiently segregated, as noise generators are often a
> problem for a stable circuit :-)

The connector arrangement is the same for the mainboard header as the
usb-A connector (except the header has 2 rows with a n/c key pin at
the end, so the board shouldn't need much/any modifying, just swap the
usbA for a 5x2 header connector (and leave the 2nd row unpopulated.
Keeping it all inside the case is going to make sense for server/data
center use.  Of course additional shielding may be required.

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