[chbot] Small geared motors required

Robin Gilks gb7ipd at gmail.com
Wed Oct 6 11:55:28 BST 2021

More work on the polytunnel, it's time for a new film to be fitted and
upgrading of the ventilation.

To this end, I'm after several geared motors of about windscreen motor size
(that's what I use now) for opening/closing windows automatically.
Probably with a worm drive, they need to be reversible (i.e.
permanent magnet).

Waxstat openers won't work for my application as the crops I grow (tomatos,
chilli, peppers, aubergine etc) seem to do best with a large hysteresis in
temperature which I can easily do with Blue Pill or an Arduino Nano clone.
Its also nice to be able to set the open/close points during the
season depending on growing/ripening phases.


Robin Gilks
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