[chbot] Rocket Mass Heater

Robin Gilks gb7ipd at gmail.com
Wed Oct 6 11:47:58 BST 2021

Some of you may remember the Rocket Mass Heater I constructed for my
polytunnel as detailed here:

Unfortunately the tunnel house is too long so the flue was over 13m which
meant no draw on the fire and basically failure all round. It now in its
constituent parts on the veg plot waiting for disposal.

Considering the effort involved (although not a lot of cash) I'd rather not
just take it down to the recycling centre just for the stainless steel flue
pipe but would prefer that someone have a go in a more suitable
environment. The idea is sound (provided you can keep the flue length
sensible) and all the bits are there (the firebricks may need replacing,
they didn't come out easily!)

So it is available for free provided you are not just going to cash it in!

Contact me either via the list of direct email.


Robin Gilks
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