[chbot] My Vaccine Pass QR code - too small to read?

chris at trash.co.nz chris at trash.co.nz
Sat Nov 27 11:08:22 GMT 2021


Printed at the normal size on an inkjet my iPhone and android can both 
scan it, although the default apps don't know what to do with "NZCP:" 
and the long string of random text which I guess is a hash of the rest 
of the data on the doc.

The iPhone says 'no usable data' but that's after it successfully reads 
it, that's not a failed read.

On 2021-11-27 18:13, Robin Gilks wrote:
> Has anyone else downloaded their pass? Got mine but after printing the
> QR code is only about 23mm square and it's a much higher density than
> say the scan posters that shops have. As far as I can see it would
> need to be at least 200mm square for the code to be read, as the size
> of the elements of the code are of the same order as the pixel density
> of my laser printer.
> Even 500% mag on a pdf reader and my phone (iPhoneX) can't decode it.
> Looks like a fail to me!

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