[chbot] Gigatron a 7400-series TTL microcomputer

Charles Manning cdhmanning at gmail.com
Thu Jun 24 10:52:43 BST 2021

Hi All

All this talk today of smaller computers led me to have a bit of a nosey
into what's happening in the "crazy CPU world".

Have any of you looked at this wee CPU?


Apart from the ROM and RAM the whole thing is just 74xx logic - 36 74xxs in
all (including the oscillator)..

It is a very barebones - 8 bit CPU but with some interesting twists.
* Each instruction is 16 bits - 8 bit instruction coding and 8 bits
* 16-bit Harvard address space: 32kx16 ROM, 32k RAM.
* 8 bit accumulator, X and Y registers.

They have a software simulator for it that is less than 130 lines long.

Let the small times roll!
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