[chbot] Electrical Meter LED pulse detection and capture

Andrew Sands andrew at theatrix.org.nz
Wed Aug 18 00:34:52 BST 2021

Hi all,

During the Q and A around the possibilities of how to use a raspberry pi to monitor a water pump, a gentleman from the group stated that he had some form of detector monitoring the power pulse LED on his mains electrical meter.

I began a brief discussion with him (sorry, whomever you are as I completely forgot to ask your name, me I'm just one of the Andrew's) before Mark shuffled us all out of the building.

So, now that I might have a couple of extra days of 'forced' downtime would it be possible for said gentleman to describe what he has implemented / installed to the group via this reflector or pointers to a website. Or just communicate with me via direct email, it would be very much appreciated.

Everyone keep up the social distancing, stay safe and just go make something.

Regards all,
Andrew Sands
(022)681 6655

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