[chbot] Robotics Group meeting, Monday 16 Aug 2021, 630pm, 5 Idris Road

Mark Atherton markaren1 at xtra.co.nz
Mon Aug 16 10:53:15 BST 2021

Hello everyone,

Good turnout with 21 attendees, and lots of huddles-of tech-talk. $39 + 
change (in gold, and flat-money) collected and transferred into the 
robotics loose-change jar (for later banking).

All sales from the trading table should go into the brown box on the 
wall, and are directly for the benefit of our host club, NZART Branch 05.

Equipment donations are welcome for the trading table, but no CRT based 
product, printers, toner or items that are likely to be a disposal burden.

Peter and Gary first time visitors from St Martins Menzshed, come back 
anytime guys.

With thanks on behalf of the group,

Mark Atherton

Mark started the evening describing recent updates to his Electron-Gun 
experiment, along with some of the more interesting failure mechanisms. 
Unit finally works after around 12 months of research, experiments, and 
general hair-pulling.

William brought along his servo controlled pan/tilt LED light fixture. 
Robin brought up the possibility of using DMX to control the unit.

Michael talked about his laser-cutter-in-a-server-cabinet. Quite an 
achievement, given that he had little previous laser-cutter experience.

Starr introduced himself, and presented a Raspberry-PI problem 
associated with logging energy use of an agricultural pump.

Richard passed around a (very) vintage test meter for the group to 
inspect; most interesting.

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