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Andrew Errington erringtona at gmail.com
Tue Apr 20 02:43:04 BST 2021

Thanks for the interest in the Portable Pi project. I'm happy to answer
questions, but many of them might be answered by the original designer's
blog here:

I have basically reached exactly the same point, but with a 3D printed
chassis, although I haven't installed the power bank charging cable and I
don't yet have a means to stop the lid opening all the way. The features I
have added are light pipes for the keyboard status LEDs, the Pi LEDs, the
power bank LEDs, and the screen control board LEDs, and the screen control
buttons themselves. I'm also using a different, single switch (a DPDT slide

The next step after the lid stay (and something to hold the screen bezel in
place) is probably a pointing device. The Pi USB sockets are easily
accessible to plug in a mouse, but a touchpad or trackball would be better
as it can be fully integrated.

The unwitting star of the show was the 3D printing. I'm not doing anything
special. It's an off-the-shelf Creality Ender 3 v2 (from Marvle3D in North
Island) and PLA filament. I've tried Marvle3D own-brand filament and it's
fine. Marvle3D also sells eSun filament which I've tried. It's also fine,
and gets good reviews. The matte white filament for the Room Cube came from
Kiwi3D in Queenstown. The printer works well most of the time, but when it
doesn't it's usually a matter of cleaning the bed and checking for level.

I do all my 3D modelling in OpenSCAD, slicing in Cura, and printer
management with OctoPi. The "cool feature" for getting a nice top surface
in Cura is called "ironing".

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