[chbot] Surplus Linux boards M93030B

Mark Atherton markaren1 at xtra.co.nz
Sat Sep 26 20:55:00 BST 2020

Just found a supply of older industrial-grade ARM based SBCs which 
appear to support Linux. There may be quite a few available, and at low 


CPU: Atmel AT91RM9200,

FLASH: 2 x 45DB642 (16M bytes total). RAM: 2 x K4S561632H (64M bytes total).

Ethernet Phy: KSZ8721BL (100M). MAC 00-04-E8-XX-XX-XX, which was 
registered by IER, Inc.

At least 2 x RS232 ports, with MAX3243 buffers.

Full size USB-B socket (USB device, not host).

RTC: M41T00, with small backup cell.

White headers are 2mm pitch.

106 x 84mm including connector protrusions.

Board is 2007 vintage, and marked 'M93030B'

Various linux Distributions identify the unit as 'MACH_M93030'.


Found a UBOOT distribution, and references to MACH_M93030.

A full OEM hardware manual will be very useful, but nothing obvious pops up.

The 64-mega-bit question is of course how much effort is a board like 
this worth to get it going ?

Thoughts please.


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