[chbot] stm32f103 "Blue Pill" boards

Robin Gilks robin at gilks.org
Sat Sep 26 11:32:44 BST 2020

> Greetings
> I've just discovered that the 10 new boards I got from AliExpress have a
> clone CPU on them that I can't program (different ID - they are CS32F103
> chips). Well actually I can program them but then debugging is tricky as
> my toolchain doesn't support them.
> Does anyone have one or two originals going spare as the last genuine one
> I have appears to have a watchdog fault that causes a reboot every 25
> seconds - a real pain to debug!

As a follow-up, if anyone has any of these - even better!!


Same footprint, newer design of CPU (i.e. RTC that works!), faster, more
memory etc etc etc.


Robin Gilks
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