[chbot] spark eroder power supply

Andy Gardner ceo at andygardner.com
Mon Nov 30 21:29:06 GMT 2020

Shit I hate how this list is set to reply to individual by default instead of to list. Gaaaaaa.


UPS's start at 12Vdc primary HV secondary for the small ones (1 Gelcel), 24Vdc for slightly bigger (2 gelcell in series) then they start to parallel up batteries, and go even higher on the primary side. 72V being very common. I think I also have one with even higher volts on the battery side.

Another useful tool to have for this is a decent Variac so you can measure stuff without going up so high in voltage before giving it full noise.

I have one you can borrow but I'd have to remember which container it's in first!

Also, if you want to have a look at a range of power transformers, we have probably 50 of them sitting in a drum at Molten that you are quite welcome to sift through. I'll be there this afternoon until just before Tech Night at Branch 05 clubrooms, and tomorrow too.

If you show up and I'm not there just ask for fellow robotics member Rudy, or tell them the magic words "Andy said it was OK". We're getting the new place organised so there's not a lot of floorspace while we continue to sort stuff, but there should be somewhere we can tip them out for you to grab a few to play with.


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