[chbot] Where to buy a new laptop

Volker Kuhlmann list57 at top.geek.nz
Thu Jul 30 23:03:14 BST 2020

Hi Ant,

On Fri 31 Jul 2020 08:13:31 NZST +1200, Ant Williams wrote:

You just changed the topic completely, which was buying laptops. As a
result, your question gets lumped in with the thread on laptops, so
among being confusing, you might get fewer results.

Starting a new topic / thread is totally OK of course, but please ALWAYS
compose a NEW email, and don't be lazy and simply reply to an old one.

> PS - I'm not really into robotics, per se, but came across your group when
> trying to source a specific type of servo-controller for my concept.

It's a group of people tinkering with stuff. The name must be historic.
Maybe we should change it to refelct better what it's about, and it
might be easier to find for new people.



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