[chbot] Where to buy a new laptop

FieldMate Precision grant at areameters.com
Tue Jul 14 07:46:49 BST 2020

Extended warranty for a few hundred dollars saves any arguments. If I 
buy the warranty I know that the
break down will get fixed, saves me time and hassle arguing the Consumer 
Guarantees Act.

I kind of think that will me buying an extended warranty will help a 
tech guy keep a job somewhere out there.

One of me coding laptop played up after 2 years... the PBtech E-warranty 
kicked in and a new mother board later + a new battery
the laptop is all go... the down side was it took 6 months for the 
repair to complete.. I thought that was kind of interesting.
Any way I just picked up another LT to keep things ticking along.


On 2020-07-14 17:54, Volker Kuhlmann wrote:
> On Mon 13 Jul 2020 19:36:54 NZST +1200, FieldMate Precision wrote:
>> Agree, PBtech and always pick up the extended warranty (3yrs?)..
> Why?
> Consumer Guarantees Act applies. Goods must last a reasonable time
> for their price, regardless of what manufacturer and seller bs about.
> Volker

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