[chbot] Help with LimeSDR mini.

hamster hamster at snap.net.nz
Thu Mar 1 03:51:41 GMT 2018



I have recently got a LimeSDR mini (a 100kHz to 3.8Ghz SDR,
with 66MSa/s, RX+TX) and I am in way over my head. The hardware seems to
be quite advanced, and getting started is really, really hard for me.

Is there anybody who knows how to use this stuff, and is willing to
show me the basics (e.g. how to watch for 433MHz key fobs, or wireless
temperature sensors, or just look at a waterfall of 2.4GHz WiFI or the
FM spectrum). 

I sort of get the process of setting up the PLLs and
then running the ADCs, but it has way too many options and I have yet to
get anything to happen. 

I am more than willing to supply a lunch or
craft beer to say thanks... 


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