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Currently I run two linux servers, one is a VPS and the other is a
raspberry pi. I hand-craft the pages, but have found several methods of
doing so that allow CMS-like management (ie pages just contain per-page
data, nor any headers/site-logos etc). For deployment I use git, so
updating the website is as simple as a 'git push web' and as a bonus you
get complete version history. So long as you don't have big binary files
this works really nicely. It also makes migration easy, moving to a new
server is creating a git repo and pushing the data there.

In my experience, hosting a wiki or forum is a little much for a raspberry
pi or a cheap VPS, but I do not think they would be useful for the group.
If someone desparately wants a wiki, I'd say make one on wikia and link to
it. That means our server only has to deal with static pages and vastly
reduces the management required.

I'd be happy to help develop and maintain a website.


On Mon, Jan 18, 2016 at 9:19 AM, Volker Kuhlmann <list0570 at paradise.net.nz>

> Yes a better website may be useful, but I observe that there is little
> interest in making in happen. From a maintenance and collaboration point
> of view a CMS/wiki would be the way to go. We had one once, very few
> people put any content into it.
> Finding a free server is easy, someone offered a while back to donate an
> RPi. Hey I'll buy one myself. I offered to run it and set it up, but
> when I asked who is interested in me doing that and who else would help
> looking after it there was no response. Hence my conclusion of no
> interest.
> Stability could be achieved by ensuring portability of CMS/wiki data.
> The actual software, i.e. particular wiki, can't be changed, but its
> database should be movable to a new server should the need arise. One
> requirement of setting this up would be to ensure that database backups
> are taken and can be implanted into a new software installation on a
> different server. Who has experience with this?
> All the tools we ever need are available as FOSS so I took that as a
> given. I won't spend my time on anything else.
> Great if we have enthusiastic volunteers. What are the proposals to
> address the issues mentioned? Perhaps start a new subject about web
> site.
> Volker
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